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And your library, and your book festival, and your book club!

Available programs for school visits*:

How to Build a Story (grades K-5)

Did you know that there are tricks to writing picture books? Unlike magicians, writers love to share their secrets. This 45-minute workshop will introduce young students to the basics of story structure. Using mentor texts and working in teams, we will explore the process of creating a well-structured story using patterns, outcome predictions, and character types.

Writing Workshop (grades 6-12)

Everyone has a story to tell. Using guided writing exercises, I’ll coach you and your students through each step of the process. From idea-generation to publication day, I’ll explain how writers weave characters, setting, and plots into stories that feel real and original…and how anyone else can do the same.

Write for Your Life (grades 9-12)

Many writers use their own memories and experiences as the starting point for their stories. And sometimes we borrow other people's stories instead! Using guided writing exercises, we'll begin the process of mining our lives for stories and talk about the process of converting "what really happened" into "once upon a time."

All programs including handouts, recommended reading lists, and Q&A session. Programs can be customized to individual classrooms or large groups, and I am happy to work with any school or organization to set up book sales and signings.

*Fees available upon request. Email me!

Planning and Fundraising Resources:

Author visits are most successful when everyone is well-prepared and on the same page (no pun intended!). Here are some helpful ideas for how to plan and organize an author's visit to your school, and some fun ways to include your students in raising funds: 

Month-by-month planning guide from Scholastic (downloadable PDF)

Guide to 21 Fundraising Ideas and Grant Opportunities from The Booking Biz

Planning Checklist and Resources from the American Library Association

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