⭐ ". . . The full-speed-ahead enthusiasm of Garcia and Colette is infectious. . . . Telling one story well is enough of a challenge, but this book perfectly balances two stories and the characters within them, adding up to more than the sum." Kirkus, starred review for Garcia & Colette Go Exploring

⭐ "Barnaby beautifully brings Nate to life and movingly portrays the relationship between the siblings through Tallie’s fragmented memories. A deeply affecting depiction of moving on after a great loss." Publisher's Weekly, starred review for Some of the Parts

⭐ "The themes that delicately thread their way through the novel—of the power of story, of family and friendship, of seeking and finding—weave themselves together into a compelling depiction of Portia’s very conscious act of self-definition: She can be, as her mentor in the ballyhoo says, whoever she wants to be." Kirkus, starred review for Wonder Show

photo by jen skipper